Shrink film and other packaging materials in bulk
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Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is a multifunctional material for transported products. Under the influence of high temperature changes its shape. When solidifies, polyethylene acquires the necessary shape allowing you to securely and quickly pack products. Wrap working temperature ranges from -50 to +50 degrees, shrinkage can be 30 to 80%. Thermal conditions at shrinkage reach 130-180 °C.



  • 10 to 250 μm – thickness
  • 5 cm to 3.2 meters – width


  • Food packaging;
  • Household chemicals;
  • Publishing and printing products;
  • Fittings.



Wrap is easily and firmly covers goods of any shape.


Heat-shrinkable type of wrap allows you to protect the product from mechanical damage, exposure to chemicals, dirt and dust pollution.


It does not increase the volume and weight of the goods.


Shrink wrap is a cheaper analogue of cardboard packaging.

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