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Packing stretch wrap

More than 30 kinds, costing from 105 rub. for 1 kg net

It is used to pack industrial and food products. High-quality polyethylene is used in the production of stretch wrap. Polyethylene stretch wrap is a transparent stretch material that is formed into rolls of different sizes for maximum convenience of the packaging process.

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Cost for 1 kg (excluding shipping)
from 87,00 rub.
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Volga Polymer was founded in 2011 and already occupies a leading position in the market of the largest packaging manufacturers in Russia.

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Buy packaging wrap from 1 roll
Deliveries from 1 roll of machine wrap, from 6 rolls of manual wrap
Strong, interferes with mechanical damages, is steady against punctures and ruptures
It is possible stretching 2-5 times with a subsequent desire for recovery
High stickiness of the layers in relation to each other
Suitable for packaging food and non-food products
Withstands a large temperature range
It tightens well, therefore it is used during transportation and storage
Effective transportation protection
Roll of packaging stretch wrap a way to maintain integrity during transportation №1
suitable for fixing light loads
wrap rolls are suitable for wrapping and securing goods with sharp edges, bulky and heavy objects
used for fixing stone blocks, border tiles, pipes, building structures, equipment

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