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Sticky tape (scotch tape)

Transparent sticky tape is a wrap of different sizes with sticky coating. It is recommended to pack cargo of small average weight. Provides durable and reliable sealing of various packaging products such as boxes made of corrugated cardboard. The tape itself is made of polymers and is a roll of different widths and thicknesses.


Technical parameters

38 μm    adhesive capacity is low, does not work well in the cold    
40 μm  mainly used to pack light boxes with corrugated cardboard
43 μm common in production, works well when gluing various types of wrap and polyethylene. Suitable to pack boxes with light bulk products    
45  μm 
packing tape with good adhesion. Can be used at low temperatures. It is popular among companies producing furniture, and suitable for packing corrugated cardboard with a rough surface.
47  μm  works well in packaging boxes weighing up to 20-25 kg. Suitable for gluing dusty or poor-quality corrugated cardboard.    
50  μm 
very similar to 47 μm sticky tape. Nevertheless, a denser layer of polypropylene makes the tape much stronger.

48 – 50 mm The most common types of sticky tape. They are mainly used to pack goods wrapped in polyethylene or paper. And also for corrugated containers with a diagonal of 200 mm. 
72 – 75 mm
used to preserve the integrity of damaged or poor-quality boxes. It is convenient to use for corrugated containers with a diagonal of 800 mm.

Application examples

  • Packing boxes and suitcases
  • Sealing damaged surfaces
  • Surface protection from paint
  • Decoration and securing of other decorative elements

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