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Adhesive tapes

6 strength options, widths 50 and 75 mm

Delivery throughout Russia and the CIS

Durable adhesive tape from the manufacturer - does not stretch, does not tear, does not peel off by itself, winding the specified length.

The lowest prices in the Russian Federation Delivery in the Russian Federation from 2 days Free samples upon request
Cost for 1 unit (excluding shipping)
from 18,41 rub.
more than 5000 clients have chosen us
One of the largest leaders in the production of packaging products in the Russian Federation


Permanent stock of products in warehouses


3 warehouses: Moscow, Tutaev, Penza


We work strictly according to standards


20% lower than all other suppliers
The use of scotch tape and adhesive tape
Always in the presence of more than 20,000 rolls: double-sided, colored tapes made on the basis of different materials: polypropylene, pvc, aluminum, paper, fabric, foam base.
Construction and repair
Packing and storage
Cargo transportation with fixing boxes
Glass and plastic repair (PVC)
Sealing damaged packaging

100% compliance with production standards with the declared winding

While unscrupulous manufacturers save on materials, dilute adhesives, reduce thickness and wind up adhesive tape less, we work strictly according to GOST.

We send adhesive tapes to potential wholesale customers for testing, because we are confident in our own products.

Order free sampler of sticky tape

We are glad that we can remain honest and open working with each client individually. Production gives us an opportunity to control the whole process: from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of products to our customers. We are responsible for what we do.

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