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Air-bubble wrap

Air-bubble wrap is designed for temporary packaging and protection of goods from mechanical damage. It is suitable for fragile goods. It is supplied in rolls of various sizes for maximum convenience of the packing process. Wrap itself has light weight, can be used at temperatures from -60 to +80 °C, dustproof, non-toxic, reusable.


Technical parameters

  • Tape density is 45 to 300 g/m2 for double-layer
  • 90 to 260 g/m2 for three-layer
  • Thickness: 45 to 150 μm


  • Protects against vibration, mechanical stress, friction, damage from falling.
  • Safeguards packed goods from all the environmental factors – dust, water, dirt, etc.
  • Retains heat and protects from temperature extremes. Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.06 W/(m*K)  
  • Resistant to tearing. Tear resistance of bubble wrap – 70-90 N/m.


Indispensable during transportation

Bubble materials are the most popular in transportation. You can safely transport in this wrap fragile and valuable things (mirrors, glasses, equipment). Wrap is made of food polyethylene so it is suitable for food transportation. Wrap of larger sizes is used for packing large-sized cargo.

Swimming pool wrap

Thanks to the bubble layer, wrap keeps perfectly on the water and protects the pool from contamination, as well as prevents evaporation.

Greenhouse wrap

Thermal insulation properties make this wrap usable as a covering material. Due to its light weight, wrap requires no additional frames. And due to high tensile strength, you can even not remove it for winter period.

Construction applications

Bubble wrap is used also in the construction industry.

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