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Delivery of PET packaging tape from 1 roller
PET is actively used for packaging and securing heavy loads of large dimensions: materials for construction, industrial equipment, furniture, etc. The tape is suitable for reinforcing packs boxes with any products.
Qualitative characteristics of PET tapes in many ways surpass the outdated metal counterpart.
polyester tape is not subject to corrosion and can be used in conditions of high humidity;
packaging with polyester tape is reliable at low temperatures (up to -50 ° C) and at elevated (up to + 70 ° C), the elasticity of the material is preserved even with sharp temperature changes;
reliable: without sagging during long-term transportation of goods, strength 450-600 N / mm;
injuries to workers when packaging with polyester tape are excluded, special protective equipment is not required;
PET is resistant to shocks and vibrations during transportation of goods, and also does not spoil the appearance, shape, integrity of packaged goods with minor shock loads;
possible to use without special corners and linings;
tensile strength up to 1200 kg, the material requires less by 20-30% than the metal analog;
PET polyester tape can be used in automated packaging with special equipment.
Worker safety
and reliable fixation of heavy loads

Today, the packaging process and packaging materials are subject to increased safety and quality requirements. When packing with metal tape, workers can be injured, so protective equipment is needed for work.

The use of PET is safety and does not require the purchase of protective materials. Fastening PET cargo instead of metal tape is 32% cheaper.

PET on hand meets all existing standards.

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