Semi-automatic strapping machine TR-201 with a closed case from the manufacturer.
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TP-201 with closed casing

TP-202 series strapping machines are high-quality and reliable machines designed to work with polypropylene (PP) tape. These packing tables are suitable for 6 to 15.5 mm wide tape. Tape binding is carried out by means of heat welding.



Strapping speed 2,5 sec/strap.
Tape width 6÷1 5,5 mm
Tape tension control mechanical
Tape tension force 1max 15-45 kg


min 120 х 30 mm
max not limited
Supply voltage 220 V (50 Hz)
Power 200 W
Tape reel ID 200 mm
Weight of TP-201 100 kg
Overall dimensions 910 x 582 x 785 mm
TP-202 series semi-automatic machines of can be used with packaging not limited in size.
The following adjustments are available for the machines: tape tension force, heating element temperature and the length of release tape.
Semi-automatic machine operating principle:
  1. The packing table automatically throws tape to the worktable up to the specified length;
  2. The operator puts the package on the worktable of the machine;
  3. Free end of tape is wrapped around the package and tape is inserted into the machine receiver;
  4. The machine automatically performs tape tensioning, welding and cutting.
TP-202 series packing tables feature:
  • High quality and simple design;
  • Easy operation and easy maintenance;
  • Worktable made of stainless steel;
  • Mechanical tension;
  • Hard rollers with brake;
  • Energy efficiency – the motor starts only when necessary;
  • Reliable control system;
  • Availability for any budget;
  • Proven quality.
PP tape from manufacturer
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